Travelling in the UK’s capital can be hectic, but even more so when it’s for business purposes. Luckily, there are some ways you can make corporate travel around London as easy as possible. Here’s our expert advice.

Identify Your Business Needs

If you’re organising corporate travel for your staff, clients or even for yourself, think about your business needs and objectives. This will help you to tailor plans around your company size, and the needs of the individual, as well as your business. Is ensuring fast and timely travel between meetings essential? Are you trying to impress a potential new client, so want to give them a first-class experience? Identifying these factors will help you to achieve your goals.

Easiest Ways to Get Around

London’s bursting with options when it comes to ways to get around, whether it’s by road, rail, underground, cycling or even walking. While all of these have their advantages and drawbacks, when planning corporate travel, think about aspects such as comfort, practicalities and professionalism. If you need to make some calls on the journey, is public transport really the best option? How can you make sure you’re at your destination on time? Always think about how much you need to carry, the best ways to stay looking smart and importantly, removing the stress and hassle from travelling.

Avoid Surprises

Good planning is the key to ensuring corporate travel is as easy as possible. Think about your journey from start to finish. If you’re flying into London, double check your flights and leave plenty of time to get to the airport. Once you’ve landed, consider how to get to your next destination, whether an office or your hotel. Airport transfers are a fantastic meet and greet service, which are great for business travellers, especially if you don’t know your way around London or want to make things simple. No more flagging down taxis or trying to work out which tube line to hop on – you’ll have somebody ready and waiting for you.

Importance of Downtime on the Road

Never underestimate just how exhausting corporate travel can be. When you’re having to keep your head in business mode, remain professional and sometimes head into high pressured situations, it’s important to get some time for you. Private cars are popular because they give passengers some quiet time when travelling. While some may use this as an opportunity to prepare, also consider using the journey for downtime. Good private car companies will even supply items to help you feel a bit more refreshed, including bottled water, mints, newspapers or pillows and blankets if you’ve had a long flight.

Meeting Tight Deadlines

One of the biggest stressors for workers travelling across London is getting to where they need to be on time, which is especially difficult if you have a short amount of time between appointments. Pre-booking cars is a great way to make the experience as hassle-free as possible, especially if you have your own chauffeur to get you from place to place.

Make corporate travel easy by following our tips for success.

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